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9月入学式が開催されました/September Entrance Ceremony

先日、慶應義塾大学 学部・大学院の「9月入学式」が行われました。




















塾生代表 / 全塾協議会 代表 山田 健太


The "September Entrance Ceremony" for undergraduate and graduate students of Keio University was held on September 22nd.

Congratulations to all the new students and welcome to Keio University!

All Student Council are working to improve the welfare of student life.

We are going to hold the fall club orientation for all studets who entered university in fall.

We hope you find the best club to make your university life more fruitful.

For more information, please refer to the following link. Lists of clubs joinig the fall club orientation will be held soon.

Thank you.

Below is the message from Yamada Kenta, the Student Principal of Keio University.


Dear Fall Admission Students

I want to extend your hearty welcome as you enter Keio University. First of all, let me introduce myself. In the spirit of student autonomy, we, All Keio Student Council, aim to improve the welfare of our students and act as the highest decision-making body for students at Keio University. We receive 750 yen per person per year from each undergraduate student, or a total of approximately 22 million yen, in self-governing council fees, which we manage so that they can be widely distributed to all students.

I hold the position of "Keio Student President" as the representative of the All Keio Student Council. This position is publicly elected by approximately 28,000 students. As the head of the executive body, I perform my duties on a daily basis for the benefit of the entire Student body.

We have prepared a plan to help new Students enjoy a more affluent life at Keio University. The event will be held at the Hiyoshi Campus and Shonan Fujisawa Campus from October 2 to October 6. Please join us! For more details, please check the particular page.

We understand that university life may bring you many questions and anxieties. Please feel free to contact All Keio Student Council with any questions. We are always on your side and will do our best to support you.

Once again, welcome to Keio University. We wish you a fulfilling Student life at Keio University.

September 21, 2023

Student President / President of All Keio Student Council Kenta Yamada


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